Community Service

Classical Glass Corvette Club is a philanthropic organization along with being Corvette enthusiasts. We are happy to support the below three organizations for over 20 years.


The Family Renewal Shelter has been rescuing victims of extreme life threatening domestic abuse and helping them become thriving survivors since 1986. They provide options for the highest risk victims who must flee life threatening situations. The 24 hour Emergency Escape, Rescue and Relocation Program networks with other shelters nationwide.

Their confidential safe houses and programs offer safety and life to domestic violence victims who are at highest risk of being killed or seriously injured. From first contact, they do whatever it takes to get the victims and their children out of harm’s way to safety. Besides their basic emergency services, they provide an activity center, pet therapy, an animal kennel for victims’ pets, a large organic garden, Cars for Families Program, educational scholarships, spiritual support, relocation services and transitional housing.

Women and their children come to the Family Renewal Shelter after experiencing various kinds of abuse: physical, verbal, financial or emotional. Many received threats or attempts to harm or kill them or their children and are filled with fear. Their mission is to be a refuge and help them find their way.

According to the Family Renewal Shelter our support helps provide the following:

“Our confidential high-risk safe house provides women and children with secure, confidential, homey lodging, food, clothing, individualized advocacy based counseling and aftercare. Case management and Referral services are provided to help families with legal issues, housing, educational, and employment searches, relocation, and change of identity. Transportation from hospitals, police stations, churches, motels and neighbors, as well as transportation to residents’ scheduled medical, legal and personal appointments is also provided. Residents can also receive a variety of household goods. These items are usually left behind when a woman is forced to flee for her safety. Two thirds of our clients are children and we have structured our program to meet their special needs through play, art, and pet therapy as well as recreational activities.”

We donate to the Family Renewal shelter on a monthly basis by passing around a donation box at our monthly meetings. At that time, all members can donate as little or as much as they feel like giving. Members can also bring non-monetary donations such as toiletries, household items, non-perishable food items, gift and gas cards to name a few. At Christmas, we play secret Santa’s to family members selected by the Family Renewal Shelter. I think the club enjoys the Christmas gift giving the most. Our yearly Five Star Car Show also helps us raise money to donate to them.

Family Renewal Shelter is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to bringing healing hope and a new life to victims of domestic violence and that is why we have enjoyed supporting them for all these years.


Washington Soldiers Home and Colony is a skilled nursing and assisted living facility that was established in 1891. The home was built for Washington state veterans.

Today, it provides a wide range of services, including assisted and independent living, long-term care Medicaid-certified 24- hour nursing care, medical benefits and pharmacy and rehabilitation services. It additionally offers physical and occupational therapies, recreational activities, social services, hospice, transportation, meals and religious programs. It also offers laundries, beauty salons and barbershops and fishing ponds. The home is operated by the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs and is located in Orting, Washington.

We have been a supporter of the Soldiers Home for 20 plus years. One of our favorite ways of donating is at Christmas. Terry Nisbet, the Recreation Therapy Manager and Volunteer Coordinator, gives us a list of 15 to 20 soldiers and their Christmas Wish Lists. Our members get to pick a veteran and play secret Santa. Our yearly Five Star Car Show is a fundraiser for the Soldiers Home.

In the past, we had our annual club picnic at the Soldiers Home and the veterans that were able were invited to have lunch with us and check out the Corvettes. We would do a little Corvette parade around the grounds so the veterans that were unable to come to the picnic could catch a glimpse of our cars.

We are happy and proud to be a supporter of the Washington Soldiers Home. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!


We are also proud to support the Clover Park Technical College endowment fund. We have been a donor for 20 years. The money we donate helps provide a steady and significant source of income to support the scholarship program.

Our Five Star Car Show is our annual fundraiser and enables us to donate to the endowment fund. It is important to us as Corvette owners and car enthusiasts to support scholarships that go to the automotive department. Who knows, one of these days one of the recipients may be working on one of our vehicles.